Texturizers & Volumizers

Let’s talk texturizers and volumizers. Because as we know what they say; the bigger the hair the harder they stare and fine, thin hair can get there with the assistance of the right stylers. Keep reading for the best option for you!


👉Products that contain salt can help enhance texture and curl, best applied on damp hair

Pros: The right formula and applying on damp hair can give your hair the right amount of hold for volume and body.

Cons: They can be drying as salt draws moisture to itself; but

🧴My top pick: @agcare1989 Curl Trigger. While it’s not for everybody’s hair (I wouldn’t recommend it for extremely dry/dehydrated hair), this is an excellent salt spray/texturizer that isn’t too drying.

AG CARE - Curl Trigger

A very balanced formula with lots of emollients to keep the hair conditioned while still providing hold.

Salt-Free Option

👉Foams and mousse with thickeners to build up the hair for a thicker feel

Pros: they can provide weightless volume – again this all comes down to the formula as every product is different.

Cons: the wrong formula can leave your hair feeling very sticky as the polymers they contain are meant to give hold. If dryness is your concern, avoid ones with alcohol like isopropyl.

🧴My Top Pick: @colorwow ; it’s non-drying (alcohol and salt free).

Color Wow - Bombshell Volumizer

It provides heat protection if you choose to blow dry and safe for color treated hair without feeling stiff, sticky or crispy.


👉Dry Texture Sprays: these will give the hold of a hairspray with an effortless, undone finish.

Pros: great for adding texture to styles without wetting the hair.

Cons: aerosol can applicator, mattifies the shine on hair. Makes it hard to brush out of the hair.

🧴 My Top Pick: @livingproofinc.

Living Proof - Dry Volume & Texture Spray

Smells absolutely amazing the volume holds for hours or even days.


👉These products typically contain the ingredient Silica Silicate, a white powder that likes to absorb oily things and adds a grit to the hair.

✅ Pros: this is a great for mattifying the hair as it has great oil and sebum absorption abilities. Much less fragrant than styling sprays!

❌Cons: these can get a little sticky if you apply too much, but overall are fantastic.

🧴My top cruelty-free picks are @AVEDA Pure Abundance or the @verbproducts Texture Spray. I love that it has a puff 💨 applicator. I love using these on formal/bridal styles to add body and texture.

Aveda - Pure Abundance Hair Potion

VERB - Voume Texture Powder

If your hair is too soft after drying, dry texturizers are perfect to add hold and body build the hair.

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