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Professional Hair Stylist & Curl Specialist

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I love Manes by Mell. I've learned much about my hair and how to style it! It looked dead and dry about a month ago and now, curly and healthy. I love the humor, that personality, the Instagram stories. I seriously wish they could be my squad. Love them. A lot!

I am a curly girl who didn't have a clue until I started watching @manesbymell content. She makes me laugh so much while I learn amazing ways to treat and style my hair. Mell is so relatable, keeps it real and is beautiful, inside and out. Lots of love and time for this girl!

... wanting the best for all of her curls queens. I know I can 100% trust her recommendation and always looks for the best for her followers. I can without a doubt say that she saved my hair and gave me so much confidence to start not only loving my hair but also myself.

My Current Haircare Routine

A list of what I personally use regularaly on my hair.

The Curl Foaming Gel

The co-creation by Verb and yours truly, Mell.

My Top 10 Curly Hair Products

Hair products I personally could not live without.

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The Best Ways To Refresh Your Next Day Curly Hair

Refreshing your curly style should be easy. I am a “less is more” type of curly when it comes to refreshing, because I have a “more is more” philosophy on my wash day. The more effort and care you put into setting your curls, the longer they will last you.

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Product Recommendations

My Current Hair Care Routine

Current Routine Products The world and my curls are constantly evolving. Occasionally, as the seasons change and new products come about, I will welcome different things into my routine. If you want to know what’s in my hair currently, this is where you can check regularly for updates! Olaplex 4c

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Hair Health

Porosity 101

Porosity, please! If this is not something you’re considering when it comes to picking the right types of products for your hair routine, you’re doing it all wrong! Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy to figure out what your porosity is, but that’s what I’m going to help you out with

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Worldwide Reach

Manes by Mell's impact has positively changed the curly hair community for thousands of people all around the world.

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