Is the Viral Bounce Curl Brush Better Than the Denman for Curly Hair?

Bounce Curl has gone viral for their innovative patent-pending Define Brush and I’ve put it to the test in a full review on YouTube, but here’s what I’ll tell you: When it comes to your styling tool, it’s not about the brush, but how you use it – and your hair type. Check out the blog below for more info!

Bounce Curl - Styling Brush

This very new and very viral 3-in-1 brush by Bounce Curl smooths your hair, defines clumps, and prevents frizz.

Denman Brush

A great styling brush, that allows you to customize your results by removing rows for less tension.


  • It will not create curls that aren’t there. No tool can, unless it’s a hot tool. So if you have pin straight hair, I’m sorry but this won’t create a miracle!
  • Results will vary depending on how you use the brush, the size of your sections, the time you put in, just like anything else! More tips below, so keep reading.

The Bounce Curl Pros:

  • An all-in-one tool; this brush has a pointed tip to section, vegan boar bristles to smooth, plus ridges to separate the curls to prevent too much clumping together, encouraging volume + definition at the same time.
  • Encourages a lot of bounce aka shrinkage *dependant on health and elasticity of the hair.
  • the bounce curl brush creates uniformity in my curls and does a fantastic job at smoothing frizz.
  • Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and Biodegradable.

The Cons (For Me At Least):

  • The tool restricts the variety of looks you can create, since the curl clumps/ridges are pre-set with the side ridges.
  • I personally don’t love the balls on the end of the bristles, those don’t tend to work well on tighter textures — but it isn’t a deal breaker.
  • Can be hard to clean — not that it’s hard but it will require more work and more frequent cleaning and I know a lot of you already aren’t cleaning their brushes but hopefully you’ll feel inclined too after investing in this type of tool
  • Not ideal if you are someone with super short hair; If your hair is short, the brush head is too large to get into small, hard to reach areas of the head.
  • Be careful of the fine nylon bristles that will smooth out the strand, as it may wipe your product off as well. Consider this when styling and apply more product after brushing.

Better than the Denman Brush?

I think the Denman brush is more versatile for all hair types, because the more features on the brush the more specialized the results and the more specific the hair type it will work for.

The denman will put less tension on the hair which may be better if your hair is very fragile.

Neither of them are good for detangling, or right for everyone. Some people’s hair is far too fragile for brush styling, or some people prefer volume over definition. Brush styling typically encourages shrinkage of the curls because of the Ribbon Effect caused by the tension the brush creates, but I would err on the side of caution if you have poor/ low elasticity,  very tangle-y hair, and if your hair is very long (it’ll be easier to use a paddle brush, also you dont want to be too rough with your long ends to prevent breakage).


While amazing results are possible with both brushes, the bounce curl brush creates more uniformity in my curls, does a fantastic job at smoothing frizz, and i love that it pre-seperates (majority) of my curl clumps, saving me time and frizz when it’s dry. I did find I still had to separate some of the curl clumps in the end, even with the unique sides of the brush, but thats a sign of healthy hair. The curl families just want to be together <3


If you have a curl pattern that is between 2b-4b, this brush will work best for you. Again, it cannot create curls that do not exist. 


I will definitely continue playing with the Bounce Curl Brush, and I look forward to more iterations of the innovation from Bounce Curl to cater to other hair types!

Recommended Use


  • Wavy Hair: 1.5’’-2.5’’ thick
  • Curly Hair: .5’’-1.5’’ thick
  • Coily Hair: .5’’ thick

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